Center for Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

Economics of Animal Welfare Conference

Brown University’s Department of Economics and Center for Philosophy, Politics, and Economics are hosting an interdisciplinary conference on the economics of animal welfare on July 11–12, 2024

This conference aims to build on successful workshops on this topic at Duke University, Stanford University, and the Paris School of Economics. We welcome submissions on a range of topics that apply economic methods to understand how to value or improve animal welfare. This includes theoretical work on including losses or benefits to animals in economic analyses, applied empirical work on the effects of policies or industry structure on animal welfare, and anything else within the purview of economics as it relates to the well-being of commodity, companion, or wild animals.


Conference attendance registration is now open. Please register to attend via this form.

Our call for abstracts is closed as of January 2024. A list of speakers and tentative agenda is to be announced. 

Conference Organizers

  • Bob Fischer

    Department of Philosophy, Texas State University
  • Anya Marchenko

    Department of Economics, Brown University
  • Kevin Kuruc

    Population Wellbeing Initiative, University of Texas at Austin