Center for Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Workshop

The PPE Research Workshop is a seminar designed for researchers from across disciplines to present their work-in-progress for feedback and discussion.

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The Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) workshop at Brown University is a research seminar designed to cultivate internationally-recognized excellence in interdisciplinary scholarship in the PPE tradition. The focus of the PPE Seminar is to advance research on topics associated with our programs, mainly with a focus on the relationship between institutions and economic, political, and social outcomes. Often these topics include informal order and state building; economic, legal and political development; crime and incarceration; and intellectual history. 

The seminar encourages interdisciplinary conversations around important, new research that has significance for the social sciences. Invited speakers present research that is a "work-in progress" and not yet published. We circulate a draft of the paper in advance so that interested participants can read it before the talk. On the day of the talk, the speaker gives a 20 – 30 minute overview of the argument, identifies fruitful areas for discussion, and the floor is then open for discussion.

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