Center for Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

Center for Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

A Tradition of Pluralism

Brown University has a long and distinguished tradition of pluralism. While other Ivy League schools were founded on religious charters, Brown was different from the start. Brown’s Charter of 1764 states: 


Students on the main green
Students on the main green

“ It is hereby enacted and declared that into this liberal and catholic institution shall never be admitted any religious tests: But, on the contrary, all the members hereof shall forever enjoy full, free, absolute and uninterrupted liberty of conscience. ”


In 1969, the students who devised the New Curriculum had a similar idea: Instead of one mandated curriculum imposed upon all, they insisted that, at Brown, each student should be free to experiment and devise a unique path of study for themselves. 

The PPE Center is proud to carry on this tradition at Brown today, as evidenced in our programs: The Janus Forum Lecture Series, The Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Society, The Postdoctoral Research Associate Program, and in the content of our Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Research Seminar. 

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