Center for Philosophy, Politics, and Economics


The PPE Center aims to bring a dynamic and intellectually diverse group of scholars to Brown.


The Postdoctoral Fellowship Program is one of the core area's of the PPE Center's  research activity. Each year we carefully select top talent across the disciplines to be in residence at Brown for two years and contribute to a dynamic and intellectually diverse group of scholars. While at Brown, these scholars pursue their own research agendas, produce publications, participate in Center sponsored events on campus and add an array of challenging new courses to the Brown undergraduate curriculum.

Glory Lui

Center Postdocs come from a variety of disciplines including:

  • Political Science
  • Philosophy
  • Economics
  • History

Postdoctoral research fellows participate in various campus workshops and seminars, including: 

Weekly workshop for students from various disciplines, especially Political Science and Philosophy, with an emphasis on constructive critical discussion of work in progress by faculty and graduate students from Brown University, as well as several outside scholars each semester.
The Growth Lab seminars focus on the interplay between geography, culture, and institutions in shaping contemporary economic and political outcomes across the globe.
A regular seminar that features research using data and econometric methods to test microeconomic theory, including work in labor, urban, education, industrial organization, public, health, and environmental economics.