Center for Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

Extra-Legal Governance in Global Perspective

Extra-Legal Governance in Global Perspective
October 20-21, 2023

The Extra-Legal Governance in Global Perspective conference brings together scholars who are interested in research that addresses how we conceptualize various types of governance (extra-legal, criminal, rebel, hybrid, etc) and how such governance shapes and is shaped by conflict, illicit markets, regime type, political parties and elites, and law enforcement. We are looking to break down the disciplinary and regional silos within which this topic normally operates to create a common language/vocabulary and accumulate findings. Our conversation will also emphasize a wide range of regions throughout the globe.

Conference Organizers

Conference Presenters:

Violence Against Grassroots Leaders and Criminal Governance in the Brazilian Amazon

Extra-Legal Governance in Colombia and Afghanistan


John Hay Professor of International Studies and Political Science

The legacies of non-state armed governance on political behavior

Lecturer, Assistant Professor

University of Nevada - Reno, Department of Political Science

Criminal Enterprises: Evidence from Rio de Janeiro

Prospects for citizen contestation under criminal governance

When Migrants Mobilize Against Exploitation: Evidence from Italian Farmlands

Criminal Capital, Voter Mobilization, and Suppression

Criminal Leviathans: How Gangs Govern from Behind Bars

Norms and Networks: Preferences for Armed Group Governance in Colombia

What do we know about conflict economies and rebel governance?

Separatist Mafias: Organized Criminal Governance in Torn States

Democracy and Criminal Governance: Comparative Evidence from Mexico City

Professor at FGV EBAPE and director of the Center for Applied Research to Public Security at FGV

Good Rebel Governance: Rethinking Authority in the Midst of War

Outsourcing Violent Repression

Insurgent Legality: State-Building and Failure of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria

Political Parties and Extortion: Understanding Political Crime in India and Pakistan

Professor of Political Science and Political Economy 

Director of the Center for Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

Professor of Political Science, Brown University 

A Safe Passage: School Patrolling, Gang Recruitment, and Education in El Salvador

From Rebel to Ruler: Examining Regional Variation in the Implementation and Legitimation of Uganda’s RCs

Criminal Capital, Voter Mobilization, and Suppression

Progony. Criminal Governance in Russian Prisons through Hidden Written Communication